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Anchor Post
a steel tube pounded into the ground and attached at each hoop

Base Bracket
used to attach hoop to base beam or wall; a heavier and narrower version of a pipe strap

Carriage Bolt
a bolt with a domed or round head

style of structure that peaks at the top encouraging snow to shed

also called arch or rib, is the curved piece of rectangular tubing making up the primary frame work of the structure

Inflator Fan
small fan that blows continuously to maintain an air space between 2 layers of plastic

standard structure installed with the long straight side down to allow greater height

Lag Bolt
a “hex” headed wood screw used when attaching base bracket to wood

a steel bracket fitting around the hoop when attaching wood or steel beams to the structure- lighter and wider version of the base bracket

covering for structures, typically clear, white or woven

horizontal tube (cross-bars) used for spacing and structural support between the hoops

Purlin Clip
a “U” shaped bracket to attach purlin or windbrace to hoop

top part of structure where “U” channel stubs have been welded and hoops will attach

Ridge Starter
a piece of ridge with a pair of stubs at each end

Ridge Connector
8” piece of “U” channel used to join 2 sections of ridge

Roll up side-wall
a mechanism to allow the plastic along the length of the structure to be rolled up-usually is the full length of the structure in one piece

Speed Screw
a screw that drills and taps its own hole (#14 is heavier than #12)

Wind Brace
similar tube to a purlin although longer and installed at each corner of the structure. The quantity per corner depends on the structure.

Wirelock Channel
an aluminum channel generally installed on the first and last hoop where cover is inserted. Can also be used at the top and/or bottom of the rollup.

Wirelock Insert
the “zip-zag” stainless, spring-loaded heat-treated steel wire used in the wirelock channel to hold the covering in place

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